Sunday, April 27, 2014

Moving from the traditional face-to-face classroom to the online or the blended environment needs a paradigm shift of the teaching approach. This requires the teacher to take the seat of the student and see how things will look like to her/him; are the instructions clear? is there a better alternative that will serve the same purpose? In a better, more efficient way? Usually, I tend to focus on the presentational mode. In order to avoid the focus on one mode, I always go back to the main objective of the lesson; then re-focus on thinking how and what the students could do with the information that they are learning in order to involve the interpretive and the interpersonal modes? How these two modes could be used in real life?
I think that the online or distance learning environment should have a positive impact on my practice. Students tend to use tech tools more than we might think, this usage is the natural thing to do!

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