Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Working remotely in groups worked in an interesting way after a considerable amount of effort to make it happen. Initially, we connected on Google hangouts, email and Yammer chat. The main challenge was time; we kept connecting and re-connecting to find a good time that will suit all of us. Later, when it worked out, all were happy and we accomplished the required task.

1- In developing assessment for group activities in D L environment I would think of making a chart in Google docs that would have a list of all names of the group members, next to it a list of times of availability showing slots of time that will suit all members. This is the first issue. 
2- The second issue is defining and dividing tasks among all members. 
3- A third issue is including a rubric for individual assessment done by each member of the group. This will give me a better idea of what I could include and improve when describing requirements or descriptions of a group activity.
4- I would include a space for suggestions for improvement and what worked and what didn't work.     

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  1. Salaam Sanna, I really enjoyed working with you in our first group project. The tips that you suggested for developing assessment for group activities are helpful for online activities.